Ethan Allen Grid The Green Room American Paint Company Voyage
My wonderful husband Ryan is a natural Picker, born and raised in Indiana, the “good ol’ boy” as I sometimes refer to him. Over the years, he has honed his skills considerably, and anyone who knows him, knows, he can spot a score from a mile away! Case in point, this last Saturday, we were driving through town, and like dog with a scent, he became fully alerted, and spotted a cute little end table being sold at a yardsale. Now, I have 20/20 vision right, but all I saw as we were whizzin by, was a blur clothes and stuff. Before we knew it, we were making one of his “I saw something” u-turns, and I swear he was out of the truck before we were in park! We’ve all grown accustom to his methods, and they have proven true and profitable. His buddies don’t even try to stop him anymore. His desire to pick and barter is too strong! He really loves it. And this situation was no exception. When we got our little end table home, and were giving it a once over, we discovered it was numbered (always good). But even better was that in the drawer, it was stamped Ethan Allen “American Tradition”, score! Love Ethan Allen pieces! They’re made well, good clean lines, versatile. Can’t beat that! Once I saw that, I knew I had to paint it “Voyage”, from American Paint Co chalk paint. I wanted a light and fresh blue, and I rather think it worked out.