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custom piece navajo white igreenroom american paint company clay chalk mineral
I do love blogging. I never knew I would. But April was such a busy hectic jammed pack painting month, for me, so yeah, blogging just wasn’t mentally possible. Between inventory, custom work, and teaching my first ever “Clay/Chalk Painting” class, I was overwhelmed to say the least. Plus hello people, I’m a person with a personal life, a full one that never stops. I have two kids, two dogs, and a very busy husband, and with that comes a long list of responsibilities. Believe it or not though, when I’m my most stressed, painting relaxes me! The very thing that makes me feel under the wire at times, also has a “chill factor” to it. Sometimes, I’m at the shop all day talking, painting, cleaning, rearranging, teaching, and mothering, yet when I get home, I find myself looking for something to paint. Often, just making a plan and selecting a color, puts me at ease. We’ve all heard the term “paint therapy”, but I gotta say, it really does work! Even just discussing ideas with my daughter, or collaborating on a project with my son, takes my mind off other things. So much so, that most times, we can’t wait to get started. I’m a multi-tasker, so I can get dinner going while tackling an armoire. Which is one of the many projects we undertook in April. My daughter and I painted it in American Paint Company “Navajo White”. It’s my “shop in a box”, at home (where my work stuff is stored). It’s been very motivating to finally give my surroundings some much needed attention.
Now, my class! I gotta say I love love love teaching classes! Talk about “paint therapy”! My little shop, in downtown Bonita Springs, is small, like I’ve mentioned before, so I’m limited in how many students I can accommodate. But being able to sit around a table with a few ladies, laughing, learning, and painting, is so satisfying. Giving something “new life”, by painting it, is a very rewarding thing. Plus, bonus, adding splashes of color is very uplifting. And using American Paint Company Clay/Chalk/Mineral based paints and products, makes it all that much more enjoyable and easy to work with. So, painting is therapy. Painting is positive. Painting is Art. Why not give it a shot? If ever you’re in the Naples or Ft. Myers, area, come on over and see me. Let’s talk shop!

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