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Like most people, I love old windows. The older the better, the variety of sizes, chippy paint, it’s all good. Who doesn’t love old windows, am I right? A piece of history from a bygone era. Why, just hang some little pretty panes up, and you’ve instantly added character and interest to your home! And thanks to Pinterest, the ideas just keep comin. So much so that, these architectural beauties of yesteryear have become very sought after, and thus, very hard to come by, for some folk.
Whenever my family and I travel to beautiful Tennessee, I make it a point to scour the shops, flea markets, and backyards (not ashamed), to find these precious commodities. It’s a challenge keeping them in the store!
One day, as my hubby was out perusing the town of Bonita Springs, for some ‘must haves’, he noticed a broken down credenza. It wasn’t great looking, so like a true picker, he hopped out of his truck, with his drill, and removed the hardware (yes he did), but before he left, he decided to go ahead and remove the little glass doors, cause as he put it ‘they were nice’, and so they were. When he brought the pair to me, I was pleased as pie (I like pie), cause I knew I just had to paint them! I decided to do a weathered wash look in Navajo White from American Paint Co Clay/Chalk Paint. And I just love them! So the point is, if you haven’t managed to score the real deal, why not make it work with something else?