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I’ve always wanted to have my own store. I like being my own boss, working for myself, laboring, all that good stuff. I never thought it would be possible to find something I could afford. So right about the time I was ready to give up the dream, my husband Ryan says, “Let me try one more thing”. Those are the “famous last words”. Yep, my husband found me my space, a small little place I could call my own, and most importantly afford. It is the store front of an Upholstery shop, and is about 500 sq feet. Yes, not a mistype, 500 sq ft. When I first saw the building in “Historic Bonita Springs”, I was completely smitten, it was painted Green! Sold!

In my store, I sell chalk painted vintage furniture, antiques, and décor. Like I said, I enjoy the laboring. I also like the idea of keeping things small, life is big enough! It can be challenging to be creative with a tight space, but I manage. I even paint there. Heck, I’ve even entertained groups for lunch! (Yes, I’m hispanic) so this is totally normal.
So there I was hard at work, painting when I began to imagine a better way. What if I had the chance to sell a line of Chalk paint in my little store. At first, I wouldn’t even say the words out loud, because it just didn’t seem possible. Then I started to think, why not, why can’t I? I never thought I could have my own store, and look, it happened.
So I started looking on line for a company that would work. It had to be a low voc paint, and I had to love the color palette as well. When I discovered American Paint Company Chalk Paint, I new I had my answer! So a few phone calls, emails, and an investor (sister), later, I finally got my first shipment!
There we were that night, me, my son Symon, and husband, taking inventory and stocking the store with excitement, when I realized I was already under the gun to put a piece out in a new color! So after a lengthy discussion with my daughter Ryell, (not uncommon), we decided to paint this French Provencial chest in Peacock. Very fitting name for such a beautiful color. I guess my daughter was right, it is the perfect color for this piece!