Corbels The Green Room Vintage Furniture Gallery American Paint Company Limoges Navajo WhiteRecently, a buddy of ours stopped by my little store because he wanted to give me some corbels he tore out of a remod. He just couldn’t toss them out because he saw the potential beyond the dated faux work. And he thought of me because he knew not only would I be able to make something nice out of them, but that I’d definitely want to as well. (Thanks Brian) This sort of thing happens all the time, its a perk of being conveniently located in the middle of town and having a lot of great friends in beautiful Bonita Springs Fl !

It didn’t take me long to know what I wanted to paint them. I knew as soon as he put those bad boys in my hands! I chose to paint two in Sackcloth, two in Navajo White, and one in Limoges. Love love love how these turned out. Instead of the typical brush on strokes, I smushed the paint on, if that makes sense, to add depth. Then I lightly distressed, waxed, and buffed them. Sackcloth made for a nice aged elegant color, very moving for a neutral. Navajo White was classic, and I sought to dark wax them a bit so they weren’t too stark, and I think they’re sittin pretty. Now Limoges, wow, that color is my fav right now. A very French White done right and so versatile. Actually painting a mid century sewing table in that right now, for a client. A great color for clean lines for sure! American Paint Company’s palette definitely has range!