Room Divider the green room american paint companyNormally on my day off, I plan on doing nothing. Ah the sweetness of doing nothing, its all jammies, yummy meals, Netflix, and time with kids. Yes wonderful nothingness. But how does the saying go? “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. Well my perfectly planned day was no exception. See, I work from home. I work at my store as well, mostly on custom work, which I currently have. But I also work from home, and it can be a tricky thing to do. Home is where you’re supposed to relax, right?? Relaxing, what a concept! More like the unattainable impossible dream right now! Home is where your heart is, but it’s also where the laundry is, where the kitchen is always open, where your dogs stretch across your sofa or bed, where life happens. So even when I’m not workin, I’m workin!

Which brings me to my story. My husband brought home these louver doors, which I thought, “oooh if these were hinged together and painted, they’d would make a lovely trifold shade for the store!” Seemed simple enough, so Mon, on my “day off”, I decided I’d paint them. I chose “Treasure Box”. It’s a nice light beachy color and that’s what I wanted this go around. Anyhow, as I was painting, I started to realize this was quite the undertaking. I mean, yes chalk paint makes painting easier and a pleasure, sure sure, but in this case it just seemed to drag on for me. I thought, am I nuts or is this harder than usual. The answer is yes to both! I hand brushed these three panels, front and back, although some might use a sprayer. I personally do not like all the filling in, you have to do after you’ve sprayed, to avoid drips (my enemy). So the way I see it, might as well hand brush since you kinda have to anyway. I gave it what I call “one and a half coats” of paint, (this totally makes sense to furniture painters), because I wanted it to have that ‘easy goin’ distressed look to it. Eventually it came together nicely and I am very pleased with the color. I’ve enjoyed having it here at home to admire. I will be putting it for sale in the store today. Would I do this again? Maybe,.. one day, when I’ve forgotten all the painstaking work that went into it, sure. I guess anything worth doing won’t come easy.