I like blinked and it was 2016! Where has the year gone? This Spring marks my Three Year Anniversary and I am still here in the middle Downtown Bonita Springs Fl. We’ve enjoyed some nice curb appeal on our little building, and are looking forward to the changes the City is implementing in our Beachy Town. Winter Season is winding down, but I’m already looking forward, on to the next! Don’t get me wrong, I will certainly use the Summer Break to relax a little, catch my breath a bit, and do some eventual panicking, as sales tank, you know, my “yoosh”. I will also use the time to pack in the store with new exciting inventory, teach chalk painting classes, and tackle some of my own projects at home.

Now about the exciting inventory, My Richter has been exploring ‘The Repurposed world’ using reclaimed wood. And he’s loving it! Over the Summer, last year, he built my son a sliding barn door for his bedroom. Since then, I’ve kept him pretty busy. Lately, he’s been making large mirrors with reclaimed wood frames and they’re just so gorgeously rustic! So yeah, I’ve got big plans for that man, and a ‘honey do’ list to make those long summer days pass.

I gotta say, with all the struggles, the sweat, the tears (lots of tears) its still pretty awesome to have my own little shop. I’ve got a great gal workin for me now, her name is Bobbie Jo, and she’s a wonderful help. We are still carrying American Paint Company Chalk/Clay Paints, nothing but love there! So tickled to be retailing Chalk type products that we’re in hopes of growing that part of the business in the near future so stay tuned…..